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All About Emma

Emma's Tips for Not Boring News -- kid reporter chapter book mystery seriesEmma Perez is an 8-year-old dynamo who wants nothing more from life than fame and excitement! Her obsession with becoming famous is downright ridiculous. In book #1, Big News, Emma sees a glamorous news reporter on TV, and she knows right away – this is her path to fame!

With the help of her Papi, a newspaper reporter, Emma creates her own news show called, "Emma Is On The Air." Emma finds her first big story when her friend Javier bites into his hamburger at school and discovers a worm inside! How did it get in there? Emma is on the case!

Soon enough, Emma discovers there’s more to this TV news thing than fame and shiny lip-gloss. There’s a mystery afoot and she feels the need to solve it. So Emma does her interviews, finds clues and reports her discoveries on her news show. But can she solve the case before her favorite teachers gets fired?


Emma calls her father, "Papi." That's what children say in the Dominican Republic. Emma is half Dominican and learning Spanish! Her father was born in the DR, her mother is from New York City. Author, Ida Siegal, is also raising two half-Dominican children. Emma uses her Spanish skills throughout the book series, with simple explanations following each reference. Emma is proud of her heritage and talks about it here and there, but ethnicity is not the focus of this story. It is simply one of the many wonderful things that make Emma, EMMA.

Emma Series

There are more Emma mysteries to come! Book #2, Party Drama, comes out September 29th! Look out for books 3 and 4 in 2016.

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